Our story

Fairé was started with a simple social cause to improve the lives of the Vietnam farmers through reducing the disposal of excess fresh cow's milk from Cu Chi Village, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Ever since we've made it a point to use only natural ingredients that not only help us protect the environment but also give back.

Here at Fairé, we want to take you back to the methods of cleansing used thousands of years ago; using natural bar soaps. Taking ourselves back to our roots, Fairé has sought to only use natural ingredients in our products that are gentle on the skin. Well, sometimes we all need a break and so does your skin from all the chemicals we apply daily.

Our soaps are devoted to deliver the natural benefits of cow’s milk and other natural ingredients sourced in Vietnam while changing the world through our little efforts.

With the help of Chemical Life Science students from Singapore Polytechnic and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH), Vietnam, we have successfully formulated our bar soaps using cow's milk sourced in Cu Chi Village.


With love,