The Most Underrated Present Ever.

Have you had times where you struggle to find a good present for your friends or loved ones? In a first-world nation like Singapore, most of us already have what we need. Perhaps you have a large social circle, then that sure leaves you with a ton of gifting ideas! And often, you’ll yourself stuck between finding a present that is functional yet friendly to your pocket.

The Reasons For Gifting

Have you ever felt inclined to buy a present because the person you’re giving to would have spent a substantial amount of money to invite you over? Well, you’re not alone!



“a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.”


Well, technically there are indirect payments, from all the chalet fees to the celebratory cake itself. Buying a gift is like creating an invisible debt, it is sociology.


Gift giving, after all, is a physical symbol of a personal relationship and an expression of social ties that bring individuals together.


If the gift is expensive, it will be perceived as a high value bond whereas a cheap present can make the receiving party think that the relationship is not important. When the gift was bought, the receiving end will be inclined to repay back the “same or similar value” in some ways, be it gifts or other expressions. This becomes a cycle between the two parties to prevent any awkwardness between their relationship, which creates an invisible debt.


This gift exchange can be summarized by the Latin phrase: Do Ut des: “I give because I expect you to give something back.” Or in Singapore, we like to say we owe another person “人情” (Ren Qing).

Common Gifts

Now that we know about how the gift cycle works, let’s take a look on some of the common gifts in this generation. With so many sources of inspirations, from Pinterest to articles, the gifts you find are all about the same, I feel you. You’ll face the usual recommendation of getting a wallet, gift cards, perfume, plushies or something DIY which most of us don’t have the time nor the talent to make.. How long does it take before you and your friend gets bored of seeing the same old presents over and over again?


With Christmas just right around the corner, why not get something a little different from the norm?

The Most Underrated Present

Christmas is the season of giving, where you give presents to someone you love, or even to strangers! It’s the month where everyone feels jolly in their hearts as they hear Christmas songs playing in the supermarket and radios. Now the real question, what is the most most underrated present?

Soaps, yes soaps, not your typical commercial soaps like Lux, Dove etc. but a handmade bar of soap made with natural ingredients that’s not only nourishing for the skin but it’s also a luxurious, exquisite and self-indulgent gift.

The receiver would never expect getting a soap bar for their present, but when they do, they’ll definitely remember you. In Singapore, there aren’t many soap artisans, hence it might be hard to find one, making it a present worth getting even more.

At Faire, we understand that it’s troublesome to go all the way to town to get a single present, hence we offer free shipping options for any purchases, saving that extra few bucks to choose a better present.

So head on down to our website and pick a pretty bar of soap for your Christmas exchange, next birthday surprise, or even yourself. Everyone deserves a break from all the chemicals we apply daily, it’s time to go natural!

I~ don’t want a lot forrrr Christmas, there is -“ yeah go on, continue singing..

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