Our First Collection

We flew to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, to meet up with our Vietnam partners and spend time to R&D and develop our lines.

By this process and journey, after one year of research and development and after failing so many times, our very first collection of soaps was born - Igenous, Lithosphere, Oasis, Lavendula, Oceania, Nelumbo, Nirvana

Here's a short summary on how soap is created:

  • Cure the milk obtained from Cu Chi Village, Vietnam
  • Prepare our oils and ingredients for process of creating soap.
  • This is the most crucial part of the process– to ensure temperature is suitable so that the chemical reaction can take place successfully. Make an ice bath by putting ice cubes to the bowl and add water to it. Slowly add in lye into the milk solution - by a spoonful each time.  Need to ensure that the lye is continuously stirred at a constant slow pace and fully dissolved before adding in the next spoon. This is to prevent scorching of the milk. Also to make sure that there is ice cubes in the bowl. 
  • Use a hand blender to mix the oils and the lye-milk solution, then through continuous blending until the soap reaches trace.
  • Separate the mixture into different bowls and add in respective clay powders and hand stir them before adding in the respective essential oil.
  • Once the soap has reached trace, pour the soap into the mold. 
  • Allow the soap to be in the mold for 24-48 hours and then unmold, cut and cure for 6 weeks


Our very first collection of Fairé soaps - 100% heartmade, 100% handmade 


Hearts are filled after a long day of soap making

Hearts are filled after a long soap making day. They say where you pour your time in is where your heart is, I guess this is why we love and care about every single bar so much. ♡

With love,


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