Our Making

Unlike many others who have their soaps produced at large facilities, here at Faire, we are our own craftsmen and artists.

In the core belief of Faire, we believe in simplicity and only using natural. Hence, we believe that the best way we could convey that heart was putting the same belief and delicate care into every bar soap. 

This is the making of our arduos journey we thought we wanted to share with you guys! Today, we went to Cu Chi Village in Vietnam to get our Cow's milk from a farmer in order to produce the soap.

The process was tiring as we had to take a 2 hour road trip from the city to the village. There were many firsts for us; first time trying pho, first time crossing the roads of Vietnam (living life on the edge, literally!) and first time milking a cow. 

But the process was so much more rewarding, seeing the final products we had made from the soaps, we felt so so touched that it was worth milking the cow (haha). To be able to give back to society and feel rewarded whilst doing what we love really fuels us to do what we do and hope to grow even more.

(A pic of us actually milking the cow)


Hope all of you have a lovely day,



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